This is one of my favorites. It’s a selfy, meaning it is me. I took this on broad daylight, funny as it may seem, it has a darkness to it what would suggest it’s completely dark in the background. Again, it isn’t…

How did I do this? I had remote shutter on my camera and 1 studio softbox to my left side. On the background is the darkest corner of my living room allthough you cannot see that here. It was a warm summer day, if you look close you can see the sweat pouring from my forehead..

Camera settings where:
F/11, 1/200, ISO100, focal length 50mm

By setting the lens to F/11 I stopped enough light to only let my face be lighted enough to appear on the photo. It is because of this light (almost all of it) hitting me in the face that the background stayed completely dark, black even.. This is the same technique you would apply when taking body scapes. It shows perfectly what light can do, and how it behaves when in somewhat extreme conditions. I could say its easy to take a picture like this on a bright sunny day, but that’s not entirely true. It took quite a few tries. Most tries were needed to get a pure black background, and have half of my face disappear in the darkness.