Omar is a conceptual photo designer. Developing concepts for clients is a creative stimulus. By dealing with photography and imaging in an innovative manner often hyper-realistic images are created with a distinctive style.

Early 2013 he bought his first SLR camera, in his own words “In order to make better pictures.”. Not long after he took a workshop flash technique and from that moment there was no going back. Driven by the desire to learn Omar dived into the world of photography and Photoshop. The first collage (composition) in Photoshop won a camera in a design competition. It asked for a sequel, and short time after a place on the cover of a leading photography magazine was a fact. There were many requests and he has since worked as a freelance photographer and designer.

I know very well what it is I want and I am tenacious in pursuing particular images. I am well aware that a good preparation and a good plan are the cornerstones of good images. This method of working gives room for all involved parties to decide whether the end result satisfies expectations. Being drawn to mystical imagery and with a strong fascination for fairytales and myths, I tend to create images that seem to spring directly from the subconscious. The goal is to speak to the viewers emotions and perhaps bring back memories. After all, images have the power to communicate very effectively. I am 100% convinced every little detail in an image is of relevance, or at least it should be. Everything that is distracting the viewer from the message that lies in the image shouldn’t be in the image in the first place. It probably won’t be a big surprise that all kinds of digital tools are involved, Photoshop being probably the most prominent one. But, as every serious photographer knows, Photoshop won’t save a bad picture. Here, we don’t like bad pictures.