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In designing you want to spend time thinking what it is you want to communicate. For this we need a good concept. This is a good starting point.



Combining multiple images and techniques to get a completely new result. This can create a whole new world, where 'normal' is no longer normal, and anything is possible.



Excellent image making skills and a sharp vision about creative concepts.

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Cintiq 21 UX

22/07/2015 Uncategorized
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I got to borrow a Cintiq from talented Ien van Laanen. She’s not using it too frequently and…

The challenge

04/03/2015 Uncategorized
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HI, you’re reading this, so: welcome! I’ve written this blog post to document how I created this image,…

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Dear visitor

I sincerely wish you a warm welcome and a good stay on this site. If there is ANYTHING you want to ask please feel free and use the contact form.

My Services


Advertising, commercial and product photography.

Photo Retouching

State of the art retouching, but it doesn't stop there. Composition, extreme mix ups, duplicity or levitation. Anything you can think of really.

Special imaging

Handdrawn, computer rendered or constructed imaging. I am very creative in finding a way to get the desired image.

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